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Concept Services is your One-Stop Shop For All Business Needs.

  • Comprehensive Consulting Solutions

    From strategic planning to operational efficiency, Concept Services offers a range of consulting services to address diverse business needs and drive success.

  • Multifaceted Business Support

    Beyond consulting, Concept Services serves as your trusted partner in payroll processing, labor management, and logistics consulting, providing a holistic suite of solutions tailored to elevate your business.

Opened in 2013
Have Completed Over 2,500 Projects
Been In Business For Over 10 Years
Have Helped Over 200 Clients

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Meet our team of seasoned industry experts dedicated to providing tailored solutions and leveraging their extensive experience to drive success for your business.

D. Michael Curley

CEO / Executive Consultant & Labor Coordinator

Phone: (415) 410-8424
Email: michael@conceptservices-inc.com

Matelina Tufono

CFO / President / Labor Coordinator / Logistics

Phone: (650) 826-4615
Email: matelina@conceptservices-inc.com

Anthony Seau


Phone: (707) 479-7724
Email: antseau@conceptservices-inc.com